Project Managers

The role of the Project Manager is to plan and supervise a wide range of construction projects from start to finish. The Project Manager will organize and oversee construction procedures and ensure they are completed in a timely and efficient manner.


An excellent Project Manager must be well-versed in all construction and trade methodologies and procedures and be able to coordinate a team of professionals of different disciplines to achieve the best results. The ideal candidate will have an analytical mind and great organizational skills.

The goal of the Project Manager will be to ensure all projects are delivered safely and on time. All projects are according to requirements, without exceeding budget & with safety as the highest of priorities.


Duties and responsibilities 

1. Interact, assist & coach all functions of Estimating as needed.

2. Conduct peer review of estimates, quotes, etc. as needed in a coachable and functional manner. Provide estimates as needed.

3. Collaborate with engineers, architects, contractors, managers etc. to determine the specifications of the project.

4. In a collaboration with Estimating and management negotiate contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements.

5. In coordination with Estimating, conduct and lead contract buyout & preconstruction meetings.

6. Approve all client duration and scheduling requests.

7. Provide all project start documentation for approval, including material data and material submittals.

8. Obtain permits and licenses as needed from appropriate agencies.

9. Determine needed resources (manpower, equipment and materials) from start to finish with attention to budgetary limitations.

10. Plan all construction operations and schedule intermediate phases to ensure deadlines will be met.

11. Acquire equipment and material and monitor stocks to timely handle inadequacies and assure there are no overages.

12. Assign and assist in the subcontract of labor and allocate responsibilities.

13. Conduct, lead & manage project turnover meetings between Estimating and Field Supervision.

14. Develop and maintain relationships with Superintendents. Assist in the management of laborers, tradesmen, etc. and provide the appropriate guidance and leadership as needed.

15. Conduct regular and frequent assessments of progress. Evaluate progress and prepare detailed reports.

16. Ensure consistent adherence to all health and safety standards and report issues.

17. Schedule, manage & drive weekly/monthly Operations meetings with Controller and all management

18. Drive cashflow and revenue through accurate, continued & current progressive billing.

19. Conduct all project close-out procedures and documentation.

20. Analyze and review finalization of all projects. Create and conduct “Lessons learned” meetings with all Operations, including Estimating.

21. Implement continually updated production benchmarks from the field to the Estimating Department. Create Standardization of Production.

22. Assist in the continued review of the Estimating Pipeline to project and schedule future manpower needs.

23. Assist in the continued subcontractor search and vetting process.

24. Other responsibilities as directed by Estimating Manager.

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